Lymph Drainage Home Edition

Lymph Drainage Home Edition Personal Use

The Lymph Drainage HE™ (Home Edition) – is an affordable, effective unit that utilizes; easy to read single channel controls directed to one transmission head that can be used by individuals who are not convenient to a Lymph Drainage XP™ therapist, or can be used between visits to enhance their therapy. The newly redesigned unit includes our high performance proprietary circuitry, NEW safety connectors, graphite control panel, medical grade switchable power supply, and durable carrying case.

All Therapeutic BioSystem's equipment sold in the United States is manufactured in the USA, this does not include TBS's equipment manufactured abroad for resale into foreign countries (contact us for licensing). All internal circuitry is manufactured in ISO 9000 facility and of course we include a 2-year limited warranty.

We encourage you to experience the effectiveness of this Inert Gas Ionization Instrumentation™ (IGII) technology yourself. Contact us and we will arrange a demonstration either through ourselves or from one of our certified practitioners.

We would also like to show you how the Lymph Drainage HE™ by Therapeutic BioSystems™, LLC is by far like no other (IGII™) on the market. Every aspect of this equipment is optimized to provide the best therapy possible.

If you are a practitioner you will appreciate all the feature packed design elements of this unique instrument offered to your client as they use this instrument to supplement their weekly visits to your facility. This instrument was designed by professionals for personal use, if you have owned any other IGII™ you will be blown away by the difference this one has over all the others.

If you require Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy or related therapies you will appreciate the attention to detail that makes certain your therapy is the most effective as possible.

(Call for Pricing) includes 1 transmission head with protective cover, power supply, and carrying case. Shipping & handling not included.

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Exclusive Features of Your Lymph Drainage HE™

LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Designed and engineering by Therapeutic BioSystems™ the Internal circuitry and components in all models have the latest in 21st Century Technology and of course MADE IN THE USA – Most Powerful, Most Reliable . . . Most Effective

RoHS COMPLIANT - All Therapeutic BioSystems™ products are compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards. This means your units are built using only components that are proven to have no harmful effect on the environment.

CONFIDENCE – You get a TWO YEAR Parts & Labor Warranty with all our Lymph Drainage XP, XP2 and HE Models.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Your Lymph Drainage HE ™ has a high performance coil – this will give you the maximum, effective, appropriate power to address your particular concern(s).

PRECISION ADJUSTMENT - In addition to the 0-9 position switch for the pulse rate (intensity) of the transmission, on the Professional Models (XP and XP²), you have an infinite adjustment between each pulse rate settings - you can select the precise pulse rate you desire in-between the whole numbers – this precision insures the most effective transmission.

MOST EFFECTIVE AND RELIABLE TRANSMISSION HEADS - Your Lymph Drainage XP, XP2 and HE transmission heads are made with our Proprietary mixture of Argon, Krypton and Xenon. A custom canister of gases made to our exact specifications is used. Our Master Glass Blower forms the heads* then inserts these gasses, at the appropriate gas pressure, into sturdy, Lead Free glass bulbs, to create your transmission heads - assuring you of the most positive therapeutic results from their beneficially healthy, bluish glow. *(To insure reliability and long life we anneal “heat treat”, each electrode & bulb before filling. This important, extra step insures a tight seal and minimum leakage of gasses). Each transmission head incorporates an internal rubber shock mount in the handle that reduces breakage if dropped and allows flexibility if too much force is applied to the bulb, and we also throw in a free protective cover for added protection of your transmission heads. All of the bulbs in the transmission heads are replaceable should they become accidentally damaged or dropped- reducing your cost for a replacement.

We also include protective covers for your heads for safe storage

VERSITILITY - All TBS's family of Lymph Drainage instruments have an external switchable power supply (medical grade for best quality) that allows you to use your Lymph Drainage XP™ on any voltage anywhere in the world.

CONVENIENCE - Your Lymph Drainage XP™ and XP² has carrying case with a cushioned internal compartment to accommodate the power supply and your transmission heads (XP & XP²). This is made possible by using 21st Century electronics and components that take up less space than less sophisticated ones would.

PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE - The attractive carrying case with screen printed graphics, the control panel, and the overall outward appearance will inspire confidence in you as a Professional and reflect positively on your choice of product as an individual.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - Your Lymph Drainage XP & XP² come with a grounding plug. This boosts the subtle health enhancing broadcasting signal throughout your body. This ankle/wrist strap may be purchased only as an option for the XP and XP2 devices.